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We are only a couple of miles from the main East Coast rail line where the Mallard set the speed record of 126mph for steam trains, a record which still stands

This is Castle Bytham High street, before the invention of the motor car. Nearly all of this still exists, the pub is still serving excellent ale and grub but, thankfully, there’s no horse shit in the middle of the road!

This is the view of our secret village (don’t tell the Yuppies!) From Lawn Wood, above the castle mound

The guy who designed this sign also designed this website. Can’t think of his name!

This is our duck pond, a place of peace and tranquility, except at this time of the year when an awful lot of mating goes on!

This is the Fox & Hounds, a cosy, friendly and outstandingly welcoming pub. Also it’s a five minute stroll from my house!

And we have a duck race on fair day.

We call it the Grand Prix Du Canard Vitesse!